View Full Version : he'l be back!

06-29-2010, 09:28 AM
im afraid in the game of life,this man is light years beyond your lesnars,whites etc.he is an evolved person and a truly self actualised man.he moves people in a deeper way.it wouldnt matter what he does in life,his relationship to honesty and generosity is beyond the small minded,petty politicking of others.his character is beyond reproach.

furthermore i believe this loss does no dis-service to fedor! in fact it may even be a good thing. you know its its funny,the revisionists and fools trying to denegrate fedor completely overlook the fact that fedor destroyed big nog and arlovski whom both beat werdum pretty easily?? swings & roundabouts my friends.

kaman(kickboxing) louis(karate) karelin(wrestling) and ali(boxing) all got beat!! no shame in that,he is the greatest just accept it.

shogun v griffin serra v gsp etc ring any bells,congrats to werdum but fedor will be back.