View Full Version : Anyone joined the Army/Airforce here?

06-28-2010, 05:32 AM
Im planning to do so soon im still in the process of chosing which i would prefer, unfortunatley im injured right now and can't run the pressure hurts my legs to much. But im looking at the steps needed for the Army right now and there is a thing called pre ADSC:

Best Situps over 2 mins
Best pressup score over 2mins
1.6km run
Jerry can test? (or something)

I was wondering if anyone has done it how they trained for it and what kind of scores/run times they needed for the roles they were going for. This is the British army im going in for, but im guessing other Armies are not to disimilar in how they test you

Any feedback on how hard the tests were and how you got in shape for it would be great