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06-19-2010, 05:51 AM
We have all seen it unfold before our very eyes, a legend of the ring just goes for that one fight more and ends up being seriously hurt in the process. We all know that it is hard to pull away from something good, and when that something is being a world champion at sports such as boxing and MMA it is all the harder to leave. So when CHuck got knocked out by Franklin last weekend it got me thinking about all the other legends I hate to say it aswell but i can only see a similar outcome approaching for the likes of Franklin himself, Coutoure, and Wanderlei. First of all do you think there should be something in place to stop fighters getting in the ring when they're time has gone? and secondly how could it be done? - The simple solution is to perhaps have an age limit, and i can already here the cries against that - when you see the likes of Randy Coutoure but something really needs to be done, because these warriors have too much heart and pride to call quits on their careers themselves, hence the reason i was glad when Joe Calzaghe just walked away before he ended up like Ali.
Either way what are the saddest moments that you can remember when you knew the career of a legend was over? and who will be the fighters who will and wont walk away?

1) Oscar De La Hoya v PacquaioRegister to see the hidden content

2) Ricky Hatton v Pacquaio ( there's a trend developing with the pacman)
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3) Chuck Liddell v Franklin - Register to see the hidden content

06-19-2010, 05:54 AM
4) Royce Gracie v Matt Hughes - Register to see the hidden content

5) Roy Jones Jnr v Danny Green - Register to see the hidden content

6) Mike Tyson v Danny Williams - Register to see the hidden content

06-19-2010, 09:08 AM
Muhammad Ali vs Trevor Berbick

Tito Ortiz Vs Ken Shamrock 2, 3

Chuck Vs Rashad Evans

Matt Hughes Vs Renzo Gracie

Minotauro Nogueria Vs Cain Velazquez