View Full Version : Is HIIT and Plymetrics training

06-05-2010, 06:14 AM
the same thing?

what are the best sort of roadwork exercises perfect for amateur boxing

06-05-2010, 07:49 AM
Plyometrics are exercises designed to build explosvie fast twitch mucle.


HIIT is for cardio and meant to get your heart rate up super high, followed by a rest/recovery stage then getting it right back up high again. Stuff like sprints, airdyne byke, skipping fast with high knees.

For you're second question, the best is intervals which is sequences of sprinting and jogging. You can do this several ways.

On a track, you can sprint the straight aways and jog the curves.

If you just have a field, you can sprint to the center and then jog to the other end turn around and sprint back to center.

If you just have a road, sprint between one set of telephone poles, then jog the next set.

You can also do jogging and running fast but not a full out sprint and make the overall distance longer. So you can run like 5 miles and after every 4 minutes of your regular pace, you pick it up and run faster for a minute.

06-05-2010, 08:19 AM
thanks alot mate, your one of the few who obviously seem to have some experience