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06-24-2005, 06:27 PM

Ray Leonard: Light Heavyweight (1988), Super Middleweight (1988), Middleweight (1987), Jr. Middleweight (1981), Welterweight (1979)


Roberto Duran: Middleweight (1989), Jr. Middleweight (1983), Welterweight (1980), Lightweight (1972)
Thomas Hearns: Light Heavyweight (1987, 91), Middleweight (1987), Jr. Middleweight (1982), Welterweight (1980)
Pernell Whitaker: Jr. Middleweight (1995), Welterweight (1993), Jr. Welterweight (1992), Lightweight (1989)


Oscar De La Hoya: Lightweight (1994), Jr. Welterweight (1996), Welterweight (1997), Junior Middleweight (2001)
Roy Jones Jr.: Middleweight (1993), Super Middleweight (1994), Light Heavyweight (1996)
Mike McCallum: Light Heavyweight (1994), Middleweight (1989), Jr. Middleweight (1984)
Iran Barkley: Light Heavyweight (1992), Super Middleweight (1992), Middleweight (1988)
Wilfredo Vazquez: Bantamweight (1987), Jr. Featherweight (1992), Featherweight (1996)
Wilfredo Gomez: Jr. Lightweight (1977), Featherweight (1984), Jr. Featherweight (1985)
Alexis Arguello: Lightweight (1981), Jr. Lightweight (1978), Featherweight (1974)
Julio Cesar Chavez: Jr. Welterweight (1989), Lightweight (1987), Jr. Lightweight (1984)
Wilfred Benitez: Jr. Middleweight (1981), Welterweight (1979), Jr. Welterweight (1976)
Jeff Fenech: Featherweight (1988), Jr. Featherweight (1987), Bantamweight (1985)
Emile Griffith: Middleweight (1966), Jr. Middleweight (1962), Welterweight (1961, 63)
Henry Armstrong: Welterweight (1938), Lightweight (1938), Featherweight (1937)
Barney Ross: Welterweight (1934, 35), Jr. Welterweight (1933), Lightweight (1933)
Tony Canzoneri: Jr. Welterweight (1931, 33), Lightweight (1930), Featherweight (1928)
Bob Fitzsimmons: Heavyweight (1897), Light Heavyweight (1903), Middleweight (1891)


11-10-2015, 02:34 AM
Obviously this list has grown quite a bit. You now have Pacquiao with 8 divisions and Mayweather has five and Morales got to four divisions.

However, they fought in this era where there are so many more titles now. So it isn't the great accomplishment it once was.

It's a shame though. Being a champion period should be a huge deal- the biggest prize in the game!

Now you can beat a guy who would have never been champion when there were fewer titles. I think Adrien Broner actually just became a four-division champion, but he couldn't compete with any of those guys on your list.

Most of these titles and extra weight classes need to go to restore the prestige of being a world champion.

11-10-2015, 06:01 PM
Agreed. And it only counts to me if someone is undisputed or lineal champion, or someone who fights the best and can't unify because someone is ducking them, like Kovalev with Stevenson ducking him. Hell, one alphabet belt used to even mean something when there were only two, even for a while when there were three, but now, not that impressive.

Ray Corso
11-10-2015, 06:14 PM
I'm pretty sure Armstrong held his all at the same time!

Alot of those so-called titles are BS organizations the IBO was a junior outfit and other than the WBC & WBA all the others were secondary titles.
They count........but not for much if your old enough to know better.