View Full Version : How to beat a aggressive southpaw and

05-10-2010, 01:50 PM
a slick southpaw like pernell whitaker

Your history pundits, when aggressive and slick southpaws were beat, how were they beat?

When i mean aggressive, i mean a pac style without the guy using angles and all those other things pacs got going for him

and when i say a fighter like sweat pea... i mean sweet pea

hope that isnt to vague,


05-10-2010, 02:02 PM
The best example of how to beat an aggressive southpaw,atleast in my opinion,would be how Eddie Mustafa Muhammad picked apart Marvin Johnson.

Not every fighter will be as vulnerable to body shots the way Johnson was,but off the top of my head it's the best example I can give.

05-10-2010, 04:07 PM
I seem to recall that Whitakker lost a fight by decision fairly early on in his career that he later revenged but its not one I've seen and the only other times he was beaten was when he was post prime. So I wouldn't say that anyone really found the key to beating him or his style when he was prime.

I'd argue that Chavez did as well as anyone but Pea did deserve that fight in my opinion. Chavez fought with relentless pressure, body punches being fairly key.

Now Naseem Hamed, whilst a switch hitter was more often an aggressive southpaw and he was counterpunched quite alot when losing to Barrera. Everyone expected Barrera to set a pace and fight coming forward but he just picked his spots with the jab and used his right hand and right uppercut to good use.

Another good display of how to fight a southpaw was Robin Reid vs Joe Calzaghe......ok it was a close, split decision loss for Reid but he demonstrated how southpaws are open to a straight right as he repeatedly hit Joe with huge right hands.

You can bet that if Pac ends up facing Mayweather, Floyd will make his right hand key. But I still slightly favour Pac in that matchup.