View Full Version : Having seen Hendo's performance last night. Do you guys think..

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04-18-2010, 05:49 PM
Cung Le has a chance of beating Hendo now ? I mean, Hendo simply had nothing for him after those two huge punches he dropped Shields with, I mean, he couldn't counter Shields's slow ass jabs and novice like kicks.

Cung Le will obviously not fight Hendo from a grappler's range. I really think Le would have a legit shot at beating Hendo. Now, of course if it hits the ground we all know whose world that is. But, seeing Hendo last night not being able to do a d*mn thing standing up against, not only a mediocre striker, but a real sh*tty one.

What do y'all think, discuss fellas.

04-18-2010, 07:01 PM
It's possible. The thing people need to realize about Dan is...well he's dumb.

He's madly in love with his right hand on such a grotesque level, that he forgets that he's actually a wrestler.

His right hand is either his best friend or his worst enemy. It can either end someone's night quick if they are dumb enough to stand in front of him and go blow for blow, or it's going allow lesser wrestlers and grapplers to easily take him down and expose his sub par TDD and defensive BJJ off his back.

Dan would be a much better fighter, and do a whole lot better if he sticks to what he knows, but for some reason he doesn't do that anymore.

The Cung Le fight is a toss up. It would be contested on the feet and I truly believe Dan would be dumb enough to stand with him and get picked apart on the outside. But Cung Le could easily get caught if he gets careless, which, he does pretty often and it showed in his last fight.