View Full Version : build my heavyweight world champ boxer

04-05-2010, 10:47 PM
For FNR4, what should he be?

any ideas for stats?

I favor inside fighters, so for me i'd need a guy with short or very short arms, although i'm pretty good with a jab in the game so i'd go as far as normal length arms, but i use the jab to get inside, so i need a guy with shorter arms

I like a guy who punches fast, but the punches also mean something,

i primarily use my points at the end of the round to boost stamina, i rarely fix health or damage, often leads to my KOs,

generally i run this route
very short/short

lefthand 95
Right Hand 100
Punch Speed 95-100
Accuracy 90-95
foot speed 95-100
head movement 50-60
block 80
head 88-100
body 88-100
stamina 100
swell 85
chin 100

thats off the top of my head memory and whatnot

I'm taking this dude online, and i'm looking for advice,
chime in with what you got

(i have a slick guy in the lightweight division, i'm looking for an inside guy in the heavyweights)