View Full Version : Is this good or bad?

05-19-2005, 09:41 PM
I've been wanting to fight for a while now. I used to go to a boxing gym around my way, but it was real expensive so I haven't been there for quite a while. I still stayed in okay shape for the most part afterwards. Anyhow, before I started at that gym I weighed 170, but within that week fell to 160. When I stopped going there I was at 155. It's been probably a year since I had hit that weight recently. The fighters and coaches there said I would do well for myself at 147.

So, this week, about a year after leaving that gym, I decided that starting Tuesday, I would try to hit 145-147 in 5 weeks. On Tuesday I was 163 pounds. It's now Thursday and I'm at 150-151 pounds. Am I losing this weight too quickly??