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This is the hispanic lounge, so it encompasses both Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, as well as other nationalities that speak Spanish. So, in light of this please keep it respectful while explaining your experiences. This is meant to share what everybody went through during moments of hardship, celebration, and in between. I picked out a series of fights that in, some way or another, were highly dramatic. I composed the list of fights off of the top of my head and when I looked back on it, I saw how many great fights we've been given thanks to our hispanic fighters!

Explain your experience, how old you were, etc.

I'm going to give a description for each one and you guys can follow.

WHERE WERE YOU WHEN.........................

Wilfredo Gómez vs. Carlos Zarate (TKO5)- I wasn't born yet when this happened. My father said that he watched the fight when he was young, and that he was excited for it. This is all I can remember from what he's said about it on the occasions where we've talked about boxing. In retrospect, he states that he was happy that Gómez won, but that the fight should've been ruled a disqualification in favor of Zarate at how he is punched with one knee on the canvas. Can't say for myself, I have yet to see the fight.

Salvador Sánchez vs. Wilfredo Gómez (TK08)- Wasn't born yet. My dad talks about this fight as the fight where he cried (supposedly). He has described it as a moment of shock and disbelief. Gómez's record and incredible string of knockouts (32 if I'm not mistaken) was something feared. To him, Gómez was and still is the best Puerto Rican fighter in history, and it broke his heart to see him get dispatched by a Mexican. :rofl:

On an added note, he also said that he got to see Gómez training before a fight in a gym one block away from where he currently lives. That must've been something.

Roberto Durán vs. Sugar Ray Leonard I (UD15)- Wasn't born yet.

Julio Cesár Chávez vs. Meldrick Taylor I (TKO12)-n/a.

Julio Cesár Chávez vs. Oscar de la Hoya I (TKO4)- wasn't into boxing yet.

Oscar de la Hoya vs. Felix Trinidad (MD12)- I remember having came from the states (since my dad had retired from the army) and we came to live here in Puerto Rico. Three years later, we found ourselves at my grandfather's house (I was in 7th grade) and everybody had gathered to see a fight. I had absolutely no clue who Tito was and didn't care at all about the fight. My female cousin came up to me and asked who I was rooting for. Just to get on her nerves, I remember telling her that I was rooting for Oscar, and she started cussing. :rofl:

Felix Trinidad vs. Fernando Vargas (TKO12)- wasn't into boxing. I also don't remember anything about us getting together to watch this fight.

Oscar de la Hoya vs. Fernando Vargas (TKO11)- wasn't into boxing.

Felix Trinidad vs. Bernard Hopkins (TKO12)- This was the first Pay-Per-View event that my dad had ever ordered. I spent the entire night in the living room watching TV shows as my dad, mother, and younger brother cooped themselves up in the master bedroom watching the fight. I distinctly remember my mother letting out a heart-wrenching, "Ay, Tito..."

I assumed it wasn't going well. My dad wasn't satisfied with his purchase. :rofl:

Ricardo Mayorga vs. Vernon Forrest I (TKO3)- n/a

Erik Morales vs. Manny Pacquiao I (UD12)-n/a

Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Márquez I (D12)-n/a

Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito (TKO11)- This is the only recent fight I can remember involving two exciting hispanic stars getting together for a big fight. I haven't been a boxing fan very long (only since mid to late 2006). I was psyched for this fight. Having followed Cotto's fights since Quintana, I was painfully disappointed (at least for the first couple hours after the fight and the morning after). But later on, I actually went back to watch it and enjoyed it since it was an action-packed fight. It's unfortunate at how these two fighters (regardless of optimism) haven't looked their best recently...

Feel free to copy/paste the fights and add your experiences in this thread...

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Wilfredo Gómez vs. Carlos Zarate (TKO5)- Wasn't born yet

Salvador Sánchez vs. Wilfredo Gómez (TK08)- Wasn't born yet

Roberto Durán vs. Sugar Ray Leonard I (UD15)- Wasn't born yet.

Julio Cesár Chávez vs. Meldrick Taylor I (TKO12)- I remember watching the highlights of the fight at my grandma house... Was really young not really into boxing but I know my uncles were hella excited that Chavez won

Julio Cesár Chávez vs. Oscar de la Hoya I (TKO4)- This fight was not on PPV it was close circuit... I was at my house with my mom listening to the fight on the radio... We was rooting for Chavez... But, we knew he was past it and that Oscar was the new lion... He won but we felt prime for prime Chavez would of beaten Oscar...

Oscar de la Hoya vs. Felix Trinidad (MD12)- I was at my mom friends house... I was 15 when this fight happened. Tito was my favorite of all time... He got hooked into boxing in 1993... And, I was watching every single one of his fights since then... I remember before the fight I was telling my uncles that if the fight is close that Tito won't win... And, me and my uncle was on agreement that if Oscar won there was not going to be a rematch and that if Tito won then the rematch was going to happen... I remember Oscar did an interview and he said Tito didn't deserve the 10mil guarantee that he was getting. That was too much for him... I wanted Tito to KO him so bad... I remember by the start of round 9 I had Oscar ahead by two rounds... And, I thought Oscar was taking control of the fight... And, then Oscar started running and I gave Tito the last 4 rounds and I had him winning 115-113, I remember Howard Ledderman(spelling) had it 114-114 a draw. And, I thought it was a close fight... And, I felt Oscar was going to get the decision... I still remember Tito looking at the camers and saying "yo gane OK, yo gane" And, then when Michael Buffer read. "And the winner from Cupey Alto Puerto Ricoooooo Felix Titoooooooooooo Trinidaaaaaad" Man I jumped up so high when I heard that... My mom was the first person I could get too and I hugged her so hard... She was going for Tito too... I was just so happy that night... I couldn't sleep after that...

Felix Trinidad vs. Fernando Vargas (TKO12)- I saw this fight at my house... I remember my mom was going for Vargas, she liked Vargas... she was a fan... And, Tito was my boy... I remember Vargas coming out and he knocked down like a brick wall or something like that... I remember he was really in the ring during the intros... When the first round came the first 30 seconds Vargas got dropped... I jumped up, I got excited and then Tito drops him again... And, I thought it was over... My mom was worried... I remember Zab Judah was in the crowd giving Vargas instructions... And, then Vargas fought back and drop Tito... But, I remember I was not worried... I didn't think it was a big deal cuz Tito been dropped so many times... My mom was happy... And, then Tito hit Vargas... And, I remember Judah telling Vargas to take the 5 minutes.... And, then they fought and what a fight. It was a great fight... Tito Ko'd brutally in the last round dropped him 3 times... But, Vargas gave a valiant effort... My mom was proud of him lol... Even I admitted in the end that Vargas was rushed and was just too young... Great win for Tito

Oscar de la Hoya vs. Fernando Vargas (TKO11)- I didn't watch this live... I was at my aunt house... But, my mom was giving me the play by play over the phone... Of course she was rooting for Vargas, I was too... I remember she got happy in the first when Vargas had Oscar on the ropes... And, she was telling me how Oscar had a bruise under his eye early in the fight... When Oscar won she was sad but she was proud of Vargas again lol... I think she was in love with Vargas or something I don't know...

Felix Trinidad vs. Bernard Hopkins (TKO12)- This fight is something that I really try to not think about... I saw it live at my uncle friend house... And, matter of fact that is the only time I seen, I have never watched that fight again... I remember before the fight I was talking with one of my uncles friend and we was saying Hopkins is no joke... But we both were confident that Tito will win... For the first few rounds I thought it was the Oscar fight all over again... But, I thought Tito would come on strong later in the fight... By midway of the fight I just knew that this was not Tito night... And, then the last round when he got dropped hurt me... I remember him trying to get up And, I remembering his dad coming in the ring and stopping the fight... That has been the only fight that has made me come close to crying... My eyes got watery... I was depressed for days... And, till this day I have not re-watched that fight... And, I don't think I ever will...

Ricardo Mayorga vs. Vernon Forrest I (TKO3)- I was at my house... I remember Forrest walking into the ring dancing and smiling... But, I thought he was going to win this fight... I was shocked when he got KO'd

Erik Morales vs. Manny Pacquiao I (UD12)- I saw this at my aunts house... I was rooting for Pac... Erik did his thing... He did a hell of a job... I think Erik won a clearly tight decision... I don't think it was a blowout like a lot of people make it out to be... I remember Erik in the last round going southpaw... It was almost a mistake... But, I thought Pac fought good too... It was a good fight

Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Márquez I (D12)- Now Pacquiao was becoming my favorite active fighter, Tito was retired, And, Pac was taking that spot. However, I was a big JMM fan also... And, I just remember hoping that Pac would not dominate JMM so easily like he did Barrera... I wanted JMM to give a good fight. Cuz, he hard time getting to that status... And, I remember the first round I was not even thrilled or happy for Pac... I just felt bad for JMM... I thought it was over... JMM came back gave a good account for himself... And, it was a good fight...

Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito (TKO11)- I was a big Margarito fan... I was rooting for him... I felt he got to that status the hard way and I wanted him to win... Early on I was impressed by Cotto... But, I just saw Margarito keep coming and coming and getting closer to Cotto... I remember midway to the fight I was saying to myself that Cotto was in trouble... I saw his facial impression that he was feeling comfortable in there... And, then late in the fight Margarito was just in control... And, Marg won and I was happy for him... I felt he finally arrived....

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Gomez v Zararte
-Wasn't around

Gomez v Sanchez
-Most likely in my playpen in the middle of a room full of screaming drunk Puerto Ricans. I do remember seeing him fight nelson; I remember everyone being disappointed.

Duran v Leonard
-Wasn't around, though I do recall that being one of the first fights I ever saw obviously several times, since it's a classic.

Chavez v Taylor
-In my dad's best friend house with a bunch of crazy latinos.

Chavez v De La Hoya
-In San Antonio at a Mexican friends Bar with a bunch of crazy Ese's

De La Hoya v Trinidad
-In my Mom's house with a bunch of my friends both Boricua and Mexican. I remember going outside afterward waving my flag and people driving by honking and yelling. I made some good money that night:D

Trinidad v Vargas
-At my old mans house screaming every-time someone went down;great war!

De LA Hoya Vargas
-I didn't watch that fight live. I really had no interest seeing that. Vargas was damaged goods by that point, I knew Oscar had him.

Trinidad v Hopkins
-At Micosuke Casino in Florida in awe of what I was seeing.

Mayorga v Forest
-I saw this one at my friend, who in Nicaraguans house. We drank a lot of tequila so I can't remember that much.

Morales v Pac
At home with my girl, amazed that Morales still had something left after his war with Barrera. Wow, Morales.

Pac v Marquez
-Pissed off; My Filipino homeboy and I bet and afterward he wouldn't even take my money.

Margario v Cotto
In my house enjoying Cotto's performance but accepting the inevitable. I remember really feeling sorry for him. He boxed well but couldn't keep up with the onslaught.