View Full Version : Toughest HW Boxer i Faced on Fight Night Round 4

02-01-2010, 08:52 AM
Ive been playing FNR4 for ages now...On Champion mode which is the 2nd hardest mode on it as a HW i have fighted as Mike Tyson and beated ALL the Heavyweights in my division by way of KO...Now Recently i downloaded the DLC Package which has Bernard Hopkins,Holyfield and Sonny Liston....first i Fighted as B-hop against RJJ and won...then after that i thought maybe i could have a Brutal fight so i did Mike Tyson (Myself) Vs Sonny Liston (CPU) on Champion Mode At MGM Grand....anyways i thought i could easily win but i was completely Wrong....By far sonny liston is the most toughest HW i have ever faced on FNR4 and he is the first ever guy to have Knocked Me down... (But i got back up)....then i Knocked sonny down 4 more times in later rounds and he kept getting up..i was thinking WTF is up with this guy? and i was landing all my best combos such as Hooks,Counter punches,Upper Cuts,Hayemaker etc etc....Finally in the 7th Round I Landed one last clean punch on liston and down he went...suprisingly he tried getting up and almost did but then fell...boy was i relieved...Liston=Toughest HW i have Ever faced on Champion mode on FNR4