View Full Version : Winky vs Tito Fight Night

05-07-2005, 11:30 AM
So I was playing Fight Night 2004 last night and decided to have a little predicition match.

After coming out hard in the first four rounds, Tito lost his steam and went down in the 6th. Too tired to continue pressing the action, Tito became a counter-puncher extraordinaire, but lost the middle and late rounds. Being down in the score cards going into the 12th, Tito came up with a heroic effort, putting Winky to the canvas twice. With Winky on the ropes and about to succumb a third time to Tito's devasting left hooks, the bell rang. Despite Tito's championship round heroics, Winky took the split decision.

Is this what will really go down? I certainly hope not.

On a side note, after the devasting defeat, Tito got sweet revenge with a crushing 3rd round KO of Hopkins.