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04-12-2005, 10:37 AM
Each time I go into my workouts, I seem to always end up with huge arms and a petty chest. Anyone know any techniques to use to build up mass in the chest. I actually worked on chest much more than bicepts and shoulders but my arms and shoulders became big while my chest was cut and built but not huge in proportion to my arms. Many of my friends experience this as well and stop working out because of this.

04-12-2005, 10:42 AM
Got to hit it from all angles, You cant just work on your chest and abandon everything else...A total body workout is the most beneficial.

Flat bench press-10x8x6
Incline Bench press-10x8x6
Dumbell flyes (use machine or regular weights) I prefer machine-10x8x6

04-12-2005, 02:22 PM
You're most likely doing the excercises all wrong. When doing presses make sure to push with you chest not with your arms. Squeeze your pecs, exhaling as you push the weights up. Same goes with flies. Once you start generating power from your chest and depend less on your arms, you'll get your desired results.

Don't go heavy in the beginning as you would be using your arms again. Pushing with your arms is a very bad habit and can easily be acquired simply because its the natural thing to do specially if your pushing too heavy of a load. So work your way up, concentrating on proper form.

If you want mass, avoid machines. They are there for toning the targetted muscle rather than for bulking up. Gives you too much help and doesnt allow you to use your "supporting" muscles as with freeweights. They're good if you want to refine the muscles you have but not for getting a good amount of mass.

There are tons of excercises you can do and spinx is right you have to hit in all angles. Here's my routine.

4x12 Flat bench press (Overall pectorial area)
4X12 Dumbell flies (Outside of pecs)
3X12 Incline dumbell press (Top of pecs)
3X12 Decline dumbell press (Bottom of pecs)
3X12 Close-grip bench press (Inside of pecs) -Reduce weights cuz this is a difficult excercice to control at first specially with an olympic bar

There are a lot more variations of these excercises such as incline flies, smith machines, Cable-pull cross etc...Eveyone's different so you have to experiment with what is good for you in terms of weights excercise, n# of sets and reps.