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10-14-2009, 01:34 AM
could you guys please post names of the best fighter of these divisions and some of there exellent fights they could also be super flywieghts or supe bantams etc as long as they are these three overall categories the reason i want to study them and thier tecniques thanks guys

10-14-2009, 02:39 AM
Flyweight-Pascaul Perez, most of the existing fights of his are 1-2 minute knockouts and a couple of full fights of him past prime.

Jimmy Wilde, his fight with Pancho Villa is worth a watch and it is on youtube. There are some more of his fights but I have never seen them.

The fights I would suggest at Flyweight:
Efren Torres-Chartachai Chionoi I
Fighting Harada-Pone Kingpetch I
Efren Torres-Hiroyuki Ebihara II.

Super Flyweight-Khaosai Galaxy, a big physical puncher without a great amount of skill, his two fights with Kenji Matsumura are pretty exciting, but his best fight is his one with Alberto Castro (NOT the Castro he fought in his last fight).

Jiro Wantanabe- A boxer puncher with sneaky power, I honestly haven't watched to many of his fights so I couldn't really suggest anything.

Other fights I would suggest from this division:
Sung Kil-Moon-Kenji Matsumura I-II,
Robert Quiroga-Kid Akeem Anifowoshe.

Bantamweight- Eder Jofre, one of the best fighters of all time, only four fights that I know of available, his two wars with Fighting Harada are good and his first fight with Jose Medel was exciting as well. Didn't care too much for his second fight with Medel.

Ruben Olivares- Huge left hooker with good boxing skills, his fight with Lionel Rose was good, the second round was amazing, also his second and third fight with Chucho Castillo and his second fight with Kanazawa.

Other fights I would suggest from this division:
Alfonso Zamora-Alberto "Superfly" Sandoval
Jose Medel-Fighting Harada I (classic finish)
Orlando Canizales-Sergio Reyes I
Gaby Canizales-Miguel "Happy" Lora
Albert Davila-Frankie Duarte II
Kelvin Seabrooks-Thierry Jacob.

Super Bantamweight- Wilfredo Gomez- Big puncher with good boxing skills and footwork, his fight with Dong-Kyun Yum is worth a watch and his war with Lupe Pintor was a great fight. His bouts with Albert Davila and Carlos Zarate are worth a watch too.

Other fights I would suggest:
Marco Antonio Barrera-Kennedy McKinney (unforgettable war)
Kennedy McKinney-Junior Jones
Erik Morales-Marco Antonio Barrera I
Micheal Brodie-In-Jin Chi I
Somsak Sithchatchawal-Mahyar Monshipour.

Featherweight- Willie Pep- If you are a fan of slick boxing this is the guy to watch, I never watched him too much so I can't make a suggestion.

Salvador Sanchez- Brilliant boxer puncher, his two fights with Danny Lopez were great as well as his one's with Wilfredo Gomez, Azumah Nelson, Pat Ford, and Ruben Castillo.

Other fights I would suggest:

Danny Lopez-Juan Domingo Malvarez (classic comeback KO)
Bobby Chacon-Danny Lopez
Vincente Saldivar-Sugar Ramos
Kevin Kelley-Troy Dorsey (seems like they threw about a million punches in this fight)
Alejandro Gonzalez-Kevin Kelley (slugfest)
Naseem Hamed-Kevin Kelley
Alexis Arguello-Ruben Olivares
Antonio Esparragoza-Steve Cruz

10-14-2009, 08:08 AM
Willie Pep is probably the best featherweight of all-time.