View Full Version : fighting the same kid for the 3rd time

09-30-2009, 06:37 PM
ok so im fighting the same kid the 3rd time hes beat me once i beat him in the rematch time has gone by and hes had around 12 fights hes won more than hes lost this will be my 3rd fight my dad says my win was close so i really wanna beat him bad infront of his own crowd 1 thing im 6ft4 70kg now i dont really wanna be jabbing all night like last fight i wanna beat him badly i countered most of his punches in my 2nd fight to win but this time i wanna be on the attack hes heavier most likely more power and perhaps a better chin but im alot faster i also believe i have better footwork, my game plan
round 1
ill probably jab parry his jab come back with 3 punch combos etc
round 2
try getting him on the ropes etc
round 3
he was tired last time so im hoping to finish him off

hes around 6ft2 he loves to swing a big overhand right which is usually a slap but it did hurt when it connected (first fight i thought he was gonna ko me tbh caught me right on the chin) he also throws a slow jab thats about it really other than that i reackon ill be fine as long as im not put on the ropes

i am the underdog in this fight definately hes got more experience and its at their show so obviously hes gonna have the crowd on his side. i dont really mind losing to him as its experience at the end of the day, but i want his crowd to be shocked at what im going to be dishing out to him win or lose i wanna make him feel bad at the end of the night i want him to feel deep in his heart that he lost even if i was robbed.

09-30-2009, 07:38 PM
Well you have fought him so just do what you need to do to beat him. He will confident having had a few fights since you too last met and he will be better, but he may well still have the same old habits.

Try and take a half step back and counter as he attacks, usually works. If he's throwing the big overhand right, wait till you see it coming, then roll/duck under it and come up with either a left hook or if you can dig your right uppercut into his gut as you come up. Or you can just slide your left arm back to block it.

You are both very tall for your weight btw. Good luck.

09-30-2009, 07:39 PM
Oh and dont get caught up in trying to hurt him or bang him out, just because its a rubber match doesnt mean you need to leave you brains out of it. Fight smart.