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09-29-2009, 12:30 PM
Ive been trying to start a boxing club at my college, the University of Central Florida. thing is, its a little more complicated than I thought.

Ive been looking over USA Boxing's rulebook, and its telling me I have to pay 250 bucks to be entered into any amateur competition and have to have 25,000 bucks of insurance as well? what the hell? I thought boxing was supposed to be a cheap sport?
and how am I supposed to enter the club members into amateur compeitions in the future with this kind of a barrier?

can anyone explain how this all works, and some general advice for a college boxing club? thanks for your help.

dj Ramos
09-29-2009, 03:40 PM
backyard boxing

09-29-2009, 05:14 PM
Hit the same problem at my University in England. Alongside your entrance fee you'll need AIBA registration, insurance for the club, registration fees for each boxer and then medicals for each boxer.

It's considered a 'cheap sport' because of the lack of equipment needed, i.e pair of gloves, some boxing boots and a gum-shield. I would say the idea of it being a cheap sport is rubbish anyway. If you look at what a boxer uses to train with (whether it's supplied by the gym or yourself and roughly priced);

An actual gym to be paid for (X amount)
Punch bags of various shapes and size be provided for (70 + each)
A skipping rope each (5)
Boxing gloves each (50 each)
Sparring gloves (50)
Good quality head guards (50-60)
Gum shields (anywhere between 10-60 each)
Hand wraps (5)
Boxing boots (30-60)
Exercise mats (20 each)
Coaching pads (30)
A boxing ring (2000??)

Compare that to football (soccer)

Footballs (10 per 1)
Football pitch (with goals) (x amount)
Cones (10?)
2 x Goal keeping gloves (30 overall)
Shin pads (10 each)
Football boots (40)

Doesn't even nearly compare! So it's strange that boxing has a reputation as a cheap sport. A boxing gym requires A LOT.

If you want to enter into university competition you'll need to find a resource. You could try and affiliate with a local boxing gym and head under their registration and insurance. Also try find sponsors and try and get money from your sports union. Alongside charging admission fees from each boxer.

Failing that, just join a boxing gym and compete yourself.