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09-28-2009, 04:01 PM
Super Street Fighter IV Leaked
T.Hawk and Juri join the cast.
by Martin Robinson, IGN UK

UK, September 28, 2009 - First screens of Capcom's Street Fighter IV follow-up have hit the internet, with leaked shots showing returning fighter T.Hawk joined by new character Juri.

The reveal was teased on Capcom's official site, though French site JV24/7 has jumped the gun by posting shots of the new fighters in action.

T.Hawk makes a welcome return and he's joined by debutant Juri, an employee of Shadoloo. While these are the only two fighters who feature in the leak, expect more to be revealed once the announcement is official. Strong candidates for inclusion include Street Fighter III's Makoto, Ibuki and Dudley, with Final Fight's Cody and Guy also rumoured to star.

The new shots also show a split Ultra Bar, fueling speculation on fan forums that there will be a new combo system – alongside the return of the Bonus Stages, an aspect of Street Fighter II that was much missed in Street Fighter IV.

Rumours also suggest that Super Street Fighter IV will be limited to the arcades for the first few months, with console versions coming further down the line - and we'll know for certain come the official announcement tomorrow.


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Over a matter of hours, the Internet seems to have all but confirmed that "Super Street Street Fighter IV" will be an upcoming Capcom release with at least two new fighters -- T. Hawk and a previously unseen female fighter named Juri. A teaser site on Capcom's Japanese portal, a German magazine photo and eventually new screw shots have all but sent out a press release about the game, but it may take an official announcement to clear the air over whether or not this will be a new release or long-awaited DLC for "SFIV."
The ambiguous portal at Capcom.co.jp contains the title "New Warrior," indicating that something is up with a firm countdown set for September 29th at 17:00 JST.
Next, came a photo from Gamepro Germany by way of Destructoid that clearly shows established Street Fighter-verse face T. Hawk engaged in combat alongside a cardboard cutout with a giant "S" behind the "Street Fight IV" logo.

Now, screenshots have emerged on the Japanese website JV247.com, and if you can't access the fight scenes there, Destructoid saved them as well. The images clearly show T. Hawk and a the new fighter, named Juri, meaning there is clearly an update on its way.

There is a DLC itch that has been waiting to be scratched for "Street Fighter IV," but only time and an official response from Capcom will tell if this is that fabled content or another full game.

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