View Full Version : Just finished FIFA 2010 DEMO

Grand Champ
09-19-2009, 06:11 PM
What's to say.. It's almost identical to 09!!! When 09 came out I was thrilled. Huge improvements. But with 2010 only thing I noticed was freekicks sometimes could be done right away, and the gameplay was slightly more smooth. And of course the player ratings have changed some. Taking full price for this game is IMO a rip off. These slight improvements could have been made with ease, selling the game on xbox live for 800 points, automaticly upgrading 09 to 10. I'm gonna buy this if I see the it cheap somewhere, otherwise I'm just gonna update my 09 because they're so identical..!

Please, feel free to share your experience of playing fifa 10 compared to 09.

09-21-2009, 11:19 AM
I actually thought the game felt so much smoother, the passing, the dribbling everything really. One thing I took notice was 50/50 and heading. The bigger stronger players actually seemed bigger and stronger. I can't remember who I was playing as, some big african player, i went up to head a 50/50 ball against a guy almost my height but the african player was just so much stronger i shrugged him off with ease.

I'll def pick this up for sure, with games like Fifa and Madden, all you can do is make the game play feel more realistic, you can't really add anythings new like you can in an RPG or action game.

Also, i seem to be having more trouble scoring, not so much in the sense that the goalies are unbeatable, more like I feel myself placing the ball better and aiming than I do on Fifa 09.

09-21-2009, 02:25 PM
Fifa 08 to Fifa 09 was a massive difference in gameplay. They improved everything and it seemed perfect.

I actually thought, what more can you do to this game? It's great how it is.

The changes between 09 and 10 aren't as noticable at all. But I can understand why. There wasn't much wrong with 09. They've just made the passing better. And added panic defense etc. Shooting is different too, I love the new shooting.

I'm in no rush to buy this though this year. Compared to last year anyway.