View Full Version : Wrist Scaphoid Operation?

09-16-2009, 01:03 AM
Hey guys, I had a operation on my right hand scaphoid bone, it was a bone graft they got bone from my hip and put it in my wrist and put a Herbet screw which will stay there forever and it wont move around coz bone grown around it.

I broke it playing basketball when i was 16 and it became a old scaphoid bone graft coz it got operated on about 2 years after the injury anyhow its been 1 year post operation and i cant move my wrist as much was before and the doctor said after scaphoid operations you will lack mobility but my scaphoid has fully healed.

So far im doing the following;
1) Joint Formula High Strength
2) Squeezing Playdoe for wrist strengthing
3) Fish Oil High Strength

is there anything else i can do to make it better because i want to start fighting im 19 now but i spar professionals alot i heavily strap my wrist and when i punch the heavy bag right hand hooks/straight rights i get abit of pain