View Full Version : The Bobby Czyz appreciation thread

09-15-2009, 08:56 AM
I like Bobby Czyz. I admire Bobby Czyz. Whats not to admire about him? First off he had an abusive father, but he overcame this difficult relationship when he started boxing under his tutelage. Then he lost his first pro fight and his father committed suicide after an argument with Bobby. Now THAT would surely make most fighters quit. But not he. He had an immense emotional as well as physical strength and toughness.

Second, he moved up to 175, a division he didn't have physical predispositions for. His reach was short, but he made up for it with his aggressive style and punching power. His fight with Willie Edwards is one of his best performances imo. This guy had stopped Donny Lalonde and Matthew Saad before. And he talked smack about Bobby, saying he was just a lazy middleweight who moved up because he didn't want to work out too much anymore. And he had Bobby in trouble in the first round, but Bobby the warrior spirit bounced back and knocked him out.

Then his first fight with Prince Charles. Wow! The first knockdown was incredible. And it was truly amazing that Williams recovered from that and the second knockdown as well. For some reason, Bobby didn't finish him off when he had him hurt. Perhaps he wanted to prove that he was more than just a knockout artist, that he could box as well. And that cost him the fight against the lankier Williams who outjabbed and later outpunched him to a TKO.

Then he moved up yet another division, after another great losing effort against Williams. He beat Donny Lalonde to defend his WBA CW title he won before that. It was also an exciting fight against a top contender. Sadly, it would be his last great performance as he would later lose to an unknown but dangerous contender from Nigeria, David Izeqwire.

And the fact that he later entered the heavyweight division testifies of his courage and will to brawl. But by then he had def become a shot fighter and had no chance against a still prime Holyfield and later Corrie Sanders. Sad last chapter for a brave warrior.

Bobby was also a very insightful commentator and his extraordinary high IQ also proves that he truly is a remarkable man.