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09-12-2009, 12:43 PM
Hello, I am a beginner who is willing to work and learn.
I have been boxing for about 2 months (not seriously, I was doing the jab wrong, hooks wrong, uppercuts wrong, everything I did was wrong).

I am now taking it seriously and I have come to terms that I did not know what the fudge I was doing.

I have started with the jab.

I keep my stance, with my arms up, then I twist my arms for the jab, with the aim for both of my first two fingers closed (my whole hand is closed).

I throw a punch as straight as I can (do I need to do anything with my shoulder here?) and then I pull it back to my chin.

Doing one jab with one arm, do I need to pivot? Or do I only need to pivot when I'm continuing to do it with both my arms. Left, right, left, right, left, right.
How I pivot from throwing a left jab, my forward leg (left leg) tilts downwards slightly, then the leg behind me (when throwing a right jab) tilt downwards on my right SIDE (forward, back, 2 sides).
Also, what's the point of the pivot?

Getting this underway, I don't seem to know how to do an uppercut or hook. What I seem to do is when throwing an uppercut, all I do is whilst throwing it is slightly explode upwards like a rocket (nothing dramatic). And when doing a hook, I lean my hip muscles with the hook, so when I'm swinging, my hip and hook are positioned together in the same way.
I seem to be eating very healthy (nothing but vegetables with water), but I've lost a lot of weight unnecessarily, I was 146lb, now I'm going down to 134lb? I'm 6'2, yes I am skinny.

Getting this done, is there any punches I can learn to increase my fighting skill level? And any quick combinations?

I would really like to get the techniques down, I know I can't even spar or work on my speed for punches if I can't even do the proper technique correctly.

09-12-2009, 02:00 PM
when you throw a jab you want your palm to be faceing your cheek and as you throw it you twist so your palm is faceing the floor.
with the straight right you want to do the same as the jab but drive it with your legs but keep your balance and let your toes, knee and chin all be in line when it hits the target and with both punches the take the same path comeing back to your guard as the did hitting the target (as if your hands were conected to your face with a rubber band)
good luck

09-12-2009, 03:17 PM
134 at 6'2 is skinny really skinny. you should do some medecine ball work and strengthen your core, you will prob need to build some muscle all around, but it wont make you slower. Also incorporate some protien in to your diet. you should eat more than just vegetables, fish is good.