View Full Version : Paddy Barnes sent home from the World Championship

09-07-2009, 07:57 AM
Belfast's Olympic light-flyweight bronze medallist Paddy Barnes has been sent home from the World Championships in Milan for unacceptable behaviour.

Barnes reacted furiously following a 15-4 defeat to Kenya's Peter Munkai.

IABA president Dominic O'Rourke hit out at Barnes and said there could be further disciplinary action.

"Paddy's behaviour was totally unacceptable. He has been disciplined and sent home," O'Rourke told the Irish News on Monday.

"It's alright being annoyed at a decision, but the way Paddy reacted was inexcusable and to do it in the ring on the world stage is just terrible."

Barnes's composure boiled over at the end of the fight which was for a place in the last 16.

He had made all the running in the three rounds, but his opponent was picking up the points.

The clearly upset Holy Family scrapper threw his gloves onto the canvas in frustration at the final outcome.

However, O'Rourke was critical of the Belfast boxer's reaction.

"This sport is all about discipline and there is no way that we can allow things like this to happen. Paddy has let himself and his coaches down very badly," said O'Rourke.

"The image of the sport is at stake. The world body are very tough when it comes to discipline and I wholeheartedly back them on that.

"There was a real threat the whole team could have been thrown out because it has happened before with other teams such as the Romanian team at the last World Championships."

It is not the first time that Barnes has caused embarrassment. When he was defeated in the semi-finals of the Beijing Olympics by China's Zou Shiming he criticised the judges and was not happy with his bronze medal.

"They can keep it for all I care," said Barnes at the time. They (the judges) should hang their heads in shame. "There's no doubt I lost the fight by miles but not scoring a point?

"I'm getting drug tested here. The judges should be getting drug tested. But we're in China so what do you expect."