View Full Version : Fight Night Online Strategy Thread

09-07-2009, 12:18 AM
We've got so many people on here who are bad asses at FNR4 that it'd be awesome to have a thread dedicated to FNR4 strategy.

My personal strategy that is working out terribley BTW,
My guy is 5'10 normal arms, peekaboo style, best punch right uppercut (i send alot of those to body)

for rounds 1-5 i try to stay back, jabs and straights, make opponent miss, and hopefully win rounds (i usually don't) and conserve my cutmen points till the later rounds.

then rounds 6-10 are based on how that previous plan has been working, if they've been missing alot, and are slowing down, i load up nearly all my points on stamina go out slugging (they're used to me being passive and jab, now they're slower and i'm getting on the inside with bombs)

if they've been tagging me good rounds 1-5 and i'm behind on the cards i usually am pretty f*cked at this point, i boost health and stamina, and in a few occasions had to boost damage. for rounds 6-10 i'm usually hoping for a good counter that stuns them, if i don't get one rounds 9,10 are just haymaker hopes and dreams.

The main thing thats been killing me in all these fights is usually my opponent gets about 40counters on me sometimes way more, and i'm usually sitting on about 10-15 out of 40 opportunities, mostly from how i'm backing up from the first several rounds, backing up makes me miss alot of my counter opportunities.

Advice? And whats your strategy?