View Full Version : Batman Arkham Asylum was ported to the pc poorly

Freddy Krueger
08-28-2009, 04:52 AM
I had to buy a new cpu specifically for this game because my Amd Athlon 3500 which was good enough to run better graphic games like Crysis and Crysis Warhead won't run Batman at all at the lowest graphics with 10-15 fps!!!!

What a crock of **** in my opinion because its hilarious how my computer can run Crysis Wardhead at 1024x resolution with medium graphics on. But my computer can't handle a lesser graphics game because the developers did a poor port of the game?

Also the new batman game uses the new unreal engine, which is quite funny since Unreal Engine games usually ran good on my Amd Athlon 3500.

Wolverine ran at 1600x resolution on high graphics
Gears of War ran st 1600x resolution on high graphics
Unreal Tournament ran at 1600x resolution on high graphics

Now I can't even run batman, I will soon enough when my new cpu comes in the mail but this is just ridiculous that they port some games over very lousy!!!

I would tell you what cpu I bought, but I'm paranoid that if one of the game companies that make the game Batman Arkham Asylum pc will purposely make the game work like **** on my specific cpu. So I'll tell you my specs after the game comes out on September 15th.

I will tell you this, my new cpu is a dual processor 3.0ghz.