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mr. bojangles
02-22-2005, 02:42 AM
February 21, 2005

Arum & Dunkin Sign Donaire Brothers
By Rey Danseco

Promising Filipino fighters, brothers Glenn and Nonito
Donaire Jr., have joined great Mexican fighters Juan
Manuel Marquez, Erik Morales and other big names in the
pro-boxing business in the outfit of Bob Arum of Las
Vegas, Nevada.

The Donaires signed a promotional contract with Arum’s
Top Rank Incorporated after they inked a management deal
with New Mexico’s Cameron Dunkin last Friday in Phoenix.

Dunkin, a front man of Arum, told this writer, who is a
pro-boxing judge and sports editor of national daily
Bagong Tiktik (Spy) and Manila Times contributor, that
the crafty natives of General Santos City will both
fight in four to six weeks.

“(They) will stay busy,” said Dunkin, who also manages
unbeaten American prospect fighters like super-bantam
Jose “Sweet” Aguiniga, super-feather Steven Luevano,
middleweight Jesus Ernesto Gonzales, super-middle Kelly
Pavlik, and light-fly Austreberto Juarez.

When asked by this writer the details of the contract,
Dunkin replied, “They are long term contracts with short
and long term plans and goals in mind.”

Dunkin said they have plans to send out a press release
to the media today (Monday in the U.S, Tuesday in the
Philippines) regarding the matter.

“I had them meet with Bob Arum and they met Mike Tyson
who was also at the show (in Luisito Espinosa’s fight
against Cristobal Cruz in Stockton). They are both great
kids and have championship talent,” he said.

From their current training venue in Castro Valley,
California, the Filipino fighters will transfer to
Oxnard, according to Dunkin, who finds Glenn and Nonito
Jr. as “both great kids and have championship talent”.

Training under father Nonito Sr. aka Dodong since
amateur, Nonito and Glenn tried to get closer to a world
title shot when they successively captured the vacant
World Boxing Organization (WBO) Asia-Pacific flyweight
champion in 2002 after both making a successful short
stint in Manila, Philippines in 2001-2003. They both let
the regional crown stripped without making a single

Nicknamed “The Filipino Bomber”, Glenn, 25, is currently
rated No. 8 in the world by the WBO and No. 37 by the
WBC. He has a 13-1 win-loss record with 8 knockouts.

Now fighting in super-flyweight, Nonito, who has a
monicker “Flash” in high school but later renamed it by
this writer “Filipino Flash”, has 9-1, 6 KO’s.

Aside from Marquez and Morales, whose fight against
Manny Pacquiao on March 19 at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand is
promoted by Top Rank, other fighters under Arum’s wings
are reigning WBC lightweight champ Jose Luis Castillo,
WBA super-fly boss Martin Castillo, IBF bantam king
Rafael Marquez, WBO welter titlist Antonio Margarito,
and ex-champs Paulie Ayala, Jesus Chavez, Carlos
“Famoso” Hernandez, and Floyd Mayweather.

The Donaires stays in Las Pi๑as City, Metro Manila when
in the Philippines. The Family are originally from
General Santos City but migrated to the Bay Area in
early 1990s.

“We’re proud to be Filipinos and we want to be known as
Filipinos as we fight. That is why we never forget to
place a Philippine flag on our trunks,” said Nonito

02-24-2005, 05:01 PM
Good . . . very good to hear this. I guess the brothers are starting at the right foot. Signing up with the outfit will give them all the best opportunities there is out there . . . but it doesn't promise a good result . . . they both have to deliver and get the results they wanted.

Good Luck to the Donaire Brothers!

02-26-2005, 12:20 AM
If this is symptomatic of the realization that there is a Filipino boxing market in the US, and if this means that the boxing menu we get are in for added variety (we've been getting steaks, apple pie, chili and tacos) and some "adobo", "pinakbet" and "kinilaw"* are going to be part of the fare, then, this is good. ;)

Hope some Thais, Japs and Koreans also get their break(Many deserve to be seen in good ol' US of A.) Then we'll have sushi, et al as well! :D :beerchug:

* spelling?

03-11-2005, 05:12 AM
Manny's good performance is also ameging in Japan. But Japanese hopes never go to USA.because in Japan they earns good money,but if fight USA
they earn a little money than in Japan.cause they don't have enough career in US.So they don't want to fight foreign place.