View Full Version : Herbert (Cotter) Brogan - 1910 Ireland

Geoff Brogan
07-21-2009, 07:19 PM

I wonder if anyone can help me further my research into my grandfather who boxed professionally in Ireland around 1910.

Here is what i know so far:
"The death of Mr Herbert( Cotter) Brogan, at Parc Muire( Celia's House) removes one of the finest boxers and physical culture experts this country has ever produced. Aged 63, the late Mr. Brogan had been failing in health for some years. A native of Dublin, he joined the army in 1911 and quickly came to the fore as a clever and hardhitting flyweight. While in the british army he boxed in many rings throughout the British Isles also in France. Among his many major successes was the capturing of the British Army Flyweight titlle. He served in France for ten months during the first world war, gaining four war medals and one for exceptional bravery in action. In the course of his career, as a professional boxer he fought no less than 60 fights of which he lost only one. He met Terry Telford the Yorkshire bantamweight on three occasions, each fight going the full 20 rounds. He eventually retired undefeatedChampion of Ireland. Sporting Ireland is the poorer for the passing of this game little fighter; the full story of whose eventful life would have made vastly interesting andentertaining reading."

I am particulary interested in one of his opponents Terry Telford from Yorkshire in England and didnt realise that bouts in his weight lasted as long as 20 rounds.

So if anyone out there has any further info on my grandfather then i would be extremely interested to hear from them. Thanks for reading this.