View Full Version : Laszlo Papp vs Joey Giardello

07-18-2009, 10:58 AM
A very interesting match up, and one that was to take place had it not been for the Hungary goverment forbidding Papp to carry on his pro career. This would of been for the Middlweight Title.

Pretty sad this fight never got to take place. But how would of it planned out? Could the southpaw magic of Papp beat the gusty high energy solided chined Giardello?

Papp had won his last 16 fights beating some good european fighters including Luis Folledo and Christian Christensen. As for Giardello he also on a great run. While holding the Middlweight Title, he had won his 9 fights which included wins over Ray Robinson, Dick Tiger and Rubin Carter to name a few.

Such a shame this fight never happened and even more shamefull is how Papps career was taken away from him right before he getting in the mix with world class fighters and Titles.

Papp also would of likely met Dick Tiger another dream match.

Papp would go back to his country Hungray and become cheif coah for the Hungarian amature team, and Giardello would eventually lose his title to Dick Tiger.

What may have been.......
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Papp's amature accomplishmets
Olympic Gold Medalist: 1948 in London (middleweight), 1952 in Helsinki (light middleweight), and 1956 in Melbourne (light middleweight).
European Champion: 1949 in Oslo (middleweight) and 1951 in Milan (light middleweight).
Scored 55 first round knockouts.
In a 1988 Boxing Illustrated poll, Laszlo Papp was selected as the second greatest Olympic boxer of all-time.
In 1989, WBC President Jose Sulaiman gave Papp an award for "best amateur and professional boxer of all times