View Full Version : I haven't run into a good spammer yet

07-14-2009, 07:39 PM
So i've been playing online for awhile now, and i've run into spammers but haven't met one thats given me trouble, Although i suppose my defense involves spamming them back, Kinda, (i block till there stamina runs lowish, sometimes i block just right and deliver an uppercut to the head, if that doesn't work then i trade body shots with them when their stamina is has started to drain at about %50 or lower, theirs will deplete alot quicker than mine because they were low when i started throwing hooks and Uppers to the body, mixing in some shots to the head) when they realise this usually they start backing up to try to regain stamina, and i throw some jabs to the face and a couple shots to the body, around round 5,6,7 they're usually spent and I get a KO. Now i haven't fought any of the top tier punch spammers yet, so i don't know if my method of dealing with them will work, but so far so good on the lower levels.

07-14-2009, 07:46 PM
I'm about 120-10 on the ps3 and I've only came across a couple GOOD spammers that gave me a bit of trouble. Usually spammers are easy as hell to beat but every now and then you'll encounter a pretty sophisticated one that also has great defense or some other bs trick up their sleeves.

The only guys to have beaten me were skilled players and simply out boxed me or were better skilled or fought smarter.