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02-12-2005, 09:42 PM
adding bulk
BY Dodge:

Do you want to add some bulk to get stronger. Try waking up in the morning and eating 3 bowls of cereal. In the evening make a big plate of Pasta using noodles of your choice, Lots of butter, lots of cheese and lots of garlic. Add whatever you want to your pasta. Make sure it's a big plate.

Then start lifting heavyweight with low Reps. Do squats and Bench mostly because those are the big core weights for your legs arms and chest. A little Metallica, AC/DC or Pantera in your walkman helps also. I will think of a good mass building workout for you.

Lift hard. Remember no pain no gain! PM me if you have any Q's.

02-13-2005, 10:00 AM
no offense man but an open ended guide like this will screw alot of ignorant people's routines up and slow em hella down

you need to go up explosive every repetition with the weight if you are doing this, if you go up slow the muscle will be less reflexive and snappy..

if you are boxing doing high weight exercises like this will slow you down like a turtle

if you must do it then shadowbox 30sec after each set at full speed to direct the muscle growth to not slow you down as much

PS- I put on hella bulk and all I did was some shadowboxing in a pool, i'd throw on the wrist weights occassionally but I focus on the jab, right cross, and power hooks/uppercuts mainly at full strength. swing wide a few times also. really will kick your ass and make you very sore.

this was one of marvin haglers secrets.