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07-11-2009, 09:11 AM
I think that is has been stated many times before that using the buttons as opposed to using that damn stick should be a personal choice. I myself used the buttons in FNR3 and compiled and nice 168-19 record, how many punches did I throw per round...about 25 well place ounces created by head movement. So I guess I'm a ***** ass no balls having button masher too!

I hated the sticks because you have to throw hadokens and shoryukens to throw punches, all while rotating the sticks for head movement and up and down for blocking. It's amazing how people take an idea that "button mashing" is bad for fight night but "stick spamming" is perfectly fine.

I bought the game without ever playing the demo, but if I had i would have probably never bought this game. I'm entering the fight night tournament today, and I have every intention of trading in fight night for MGS4. I've been a fan of fight night every since FN2004 with RJJ on the cover, and I thought TPC was creative but not for me.

I personally see people playing FNR4 exactly the way they played FNR3, no difference except the super parry system. Same approach runners are still runners spammer are still spammers, pocket fighting is still hard on the PS network because of latency and response time, can't speak on Xbox live though.

Bottom line is that I'm a fan, a loyal customer to the brand, and for someone to say; "the way you enjoy the game just doesn't do it for me" is very disrespectful. Imagine if all customers service representatives were this honery, if they told you that you were wrong for being dissatisfied with the service your were getting. Imagine if your meal was cold at a restaurant and the manager said to you "personally I like to eat slightly cold food, so what's your problem?" How would you feel?

To see people have one view point and regard is as law is closed minded, this is supposed to entertain the masses not create a divide between button spammer and stick spammers. Maybe it's a result of maturing, but I'm not even sure if I like video games anymore. I bought a PS3 simply to play fight night, now I'm only keeping it as a blu ray player.

All in all EA's customer disloyalty has ensured that I'll never support another one of their games again, not madden, not live, not fight night. Since they said **** me when they determined that my way of playing my favorite game wasn't good enough for them, I'll say **** them and never give them another hard earned cent of mine again.

07-11-2009, 10:58 AM
Two things. First you should already have MGS4 its a bad ass game. Secondly EA is putting out a button patch.

TPC is not my preference either but I learn to roll with the punches and adapt. Its not a game breaker for me but the buttons as an option would make it better.