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06-30-2009, 07:20 PM
I found this posted on a EA forum (located here (http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/252834.page)), all credit to original poster.

If anyone is having problems winning online, these tips can help as I use some of these same tactics:

Guides for defeating online fighter stereotypes

1. Block n' Counter fighter: Like the name suggests, these guys like to counter. They will wait for you to come in and will capitalize on your inaccurate punches. They rarely charge at you (except after a successful counter), jab on the outside, or bob and weave. There strategy is to simply sit back, rotate there torso, alternate blocking high and low, and slip in some devastating counters!

Strategy: Don't throw wildly hoping to catch them where they are not blocking, instead pick your shots accurately. Use the In and Out technique by coming in wit a short accurate combo, back off afterward, rinse and repeat. Go for the body when possible seeing as body shots are more difficult for the opponent to counter. Change up your combos so that the counterer does not recognize a pattern in your punches (very important). Once his stamina is low from the accumilated body punches and from his inability to gain enough points in between rounds, go for the kill. Be cautious though, he is a counter puncher after all and one good counter could turn the fight around.

2. The Inside Pressure fighter: These guys won't leave you room to breathe. They will press on you the entire match, blocking high and low while walking forward. Ok, so I'm not good with assigning nicknames but you get the the point. They're also looking for a counter opportunity and when it comes, your ribs will get pounded. Some fighters will adopt this style toward the end of a fight if they are desperate and losing. To be honest, These fighters are some of the toughest/cheapest fighters you'll come across.

Strategy: If your an outside fighter, like myself, you may be able to free up some space my circling and occasionally pushing when your space is invaded. What these guys don't understand is that you have to be somewhat aggressive to get points between the rounds. Pick your shots carefully and try to figure out his pattern of blocking. if you land enough shots, you'll win the point game. Start by going for the body. Once he notices your plan, throw some to the head, that will throw him off. If he catches you with a flurry, don't panic. Block his body hooks then switch to the head when you sense a hook/uppercut is coming. Usually after these fighters see that two body hooks were blocked, they will throw a shot to the head. Be sure to block that shot, counter to the body, and unload a combo or two. Beware of illegal blows. Once the opponent becomes frustrated they might throw some headbutts/low blows.

3. Haymaker and body hook spammers: These guys have no sense of stamina conservation. Initially they will charge at you with body hooks and random head shots. When they become desperate, aka gassed out in the later rounds, the pitifully slow haymakers arrive on the scene. You shouldn't lose a fight against these kidos' unless you are relatively new to there style of fighting.

Strategy: In the early rounds, fight on the outside. Throw some jabs to keep distance and nullify haymakers, and let themselves gas out. Block there charges, bob n weave, and counter the living daylights out of them. Be economical with your punches, you want a leg up over them in the later rounds. I like to make them miss rather than just blocking, this works best with an outside style boxer. Missing consistently will not only deplete their stamina but it will also enrage them. They will start fighting desperate and allow you to capitalize on their flaws. Try to pace yourself to the point where you will have an easy ko in the 8th or 9th round. Be patient and try not to get sucker punches by their huge swings.

4. Smart Outside fighters: I consider myself to be included in this category. These fighters will use most of the techniques I mentioned earlier against their opponents. They fight on the outside with jabs and use the In and Out technique for short combos, preferably to the body. They are very evasive against aggressive and even other outside fighters. Their goal is to make you miss consistently, figure out your patterns/techniques, and capitalize on your weaknesses later on in the fight.

Strategy: Not an easy win, often is left to a decision. Your goal is to land as many shots on your opponent as possible but this does not mean being overly aggressive and missing. Be smart with your combos and find holes in his defense. Try to get him pinned down in a corner and unload a short burst to the body. bob and weave when he throws those long armed straights or jabs, but always counter to the body. If you can consistently win the point game, and deplete his stamina enough, he'll be forced to trade blows with you seeing as he will lose the ability to be evasive. These fighters are tough so don't expect a W walking into this fight. Fight smart, fire vs fire, that's my only good advise in this situation.

07-01-2009, 07:22 AM
Thanks that was helpful

07-01-2009, 10:03 AM
I don't know about some of his tips. First off he is full of **** calling pressure fighters cheap. It's tough being a smart pressure fighter.

Secondly, I disagree with his haymaker style counter style strategy. While his may work I find it appears to take a really long time and isn't really customized for haymaker style but more just keeping in line and reaffirming his preference to be an outside pop shot style that he appears to like.

He also fails to mention fighting to your fighters strengths. If I'm Cotto I wont try and fight from the outside with SRL. If I'm Hearns I'm not trying to mix it up on the inside with Hagler.....etc.

I do agree with his counter to "counter punchers" but think its incomplete. I wont share what extra I do to beat them because......hey I don't wanna give away my good info but there are some things that work really well against them.

BTW my record is 45-9 (39KO's) and 4 of my losses were via online problems yesterday Don Corleon can testify that I had serious internet issues that ended up being the router yesterday.