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06-29-2009, 12:47 PM
yesterday i fought a guy who was corrles and i had picked gatti.

i was thinking he was going to be one of the body punching spammers so i stayed on the outside and decide to box him, but he was very good at timing my punches so i was getting countered prety good.

after a while i started to figure out his plan and started to land more shots on him. after the 3 round i manged to knock him down

so im thinking i got this fight in the bag...time to finish him off, but soon as i threw a right he counterd me with a left hook and i was dazed.

he manged to knock me down.......twice in the next 3 rounds.

so during the corner i started to think how can i beat him?

so i decided to time my blocks more carefully.

after a while, i blocked a body shot and knocked him out with a good left uppercut. and won the fight

it was a good fight, he wasn't no spammer and he was very tactical in this fight. if it contiuned i probaly would had loss.

06-29-2009, 01:16 PM
Not going to type much....

I was Whitaker my opponent was Diego Corrales. He was very good with him, he fought from the outside well and his defense was excellent. He was a counter puncher too, so I was forced to be the aggressor which isn't really my style when I'm Whitaker. He definitely was beating me the majority of the fight but it was close. Teddy Atlas was saying that I was down on the score cards going into the 10th round. I knew I had to KO him, so I went for it and bob & weaved followed with a hook, flash knock down. Ended up knocking him down 2 times in the final round but he survived. I thought I lost, but the 2nd Knockdown was enough to earn me a 1 point victory.

Doesn't seem like much, but it was very rewarding at the time against a solid opponent scoring the only knockdowns in the final round.