View Full Version : FNR4: My Strategy Against Spammers

06-27-2009, 05:08 AM
Against body spammers, block low until they get to around half stamina, then spam to the body at the same time as them. They should run out of stamina while you should have some left. When they're out of stamina unleash a flurry of body and head shots. This should at least back them off or if they truly suck earn you a 1st round KO.

Against head spammers, bobbing and weaving KILLS this. I almost think B&W is overpowered. Anyway, unleash a hook/uppercut after B&W and it should result in a counter about 90% of the time if they're truly spamming. It has a good chance to stun them too. Against decent spammers just do a mix of normal countering and B&W.

Against decent players you just simply try to weather the storm with good defense and countering when opportunities arise. Good defense is essential: the key is not giving them enough points in between rounds (from high accuracy, stunning/KDing you, etc.) to recover their stamina. They should get gassed by the mid rounds and be relatively easy to dispatch so long as you've been blocking a good chunk of their punches.

For both body and head spammers, perfect block works wonders. Learn it, love it. For those that mix up the body and head spamming, I've found that many players have a pattern to their punches, i.e. 2 body shots > 3 head > 2 body. Learn their patterns and block accordingly, then fire back. If you are good at recognizing patterns you'll land more guaranteed and win rounds this way.

Lastly, for those that just charge in all the time, you'd be surprised at how many people fall for the haymaker to the body and simply don't adjust. Learn and recognize the timing of when to start it: when they're slightly out of range of your jab. If they're catching on and blocking on the way in mix in some haymaker uppercuts, for many fighters it's hard to tell the difference. NOTE this doesn't work well if you're an inside fighter and they are an outside one.

DISCLAIMER: This may not work against good players. The game as it is right now is allows for a very large amount of punches per round, and there isn't too much you can do about "skilled" spammers, besides matching their output and simply being better than them. A top 10-ranked player put it nicely when he said that online play right now is "all about stamina control."