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06-14-2009, 03:17 PM
17 weightclasses and 68 'world' champions (potentially more if you include small governing bodies such as IBO, WBF etc.). That's the chaotic situation in professional boxing today.

How did it get this far?

Some objective info FYI regarding boxings socalled governing bodies.

WBA (World Boxing Association): Based in Venezuela. It's the oldest and most renowned (if such a term can be used regarding these guys) organization. It was founded in 1921 as National Boxing Association (NBA) and was renamed WBA in 1962. Famous champions include Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano.

Confusion is the keyword when the organization is described these days. They have a 'Superchampion' when one of their champions unifies against one of the other 3 major beltholders. The regular title is then placed in a new championship fight pitting 2 lower-ranked fighters.

WBC (World Boxing Council): A decadelong struggle between between WBA and the powerful New York State Athletic Commision let to the founding of the WBC in 1963. But it took untill 1978 before the organization crowned it's first heavyweight champion in Ken Norton. Before that the WBA champion was also the WBC champion. The organization is based in Mexico.

IBF (International Boxing Federation): This organization, which is based in New Jersey, originates from one of the many regional federations of the WBA. In 1983 the president of the United States Boxing Association, lost the election as the chairman of the WBA during the annual convention. As a protest he founded the IBF.

One of the great IBF champions is Felix Trinidad who was the IBF champ from 1993 to 2002.

WBO (World Boxing Organization): The WBO was founded in 1988 and is also an offspring from the WBA. There was a minority within the organization which wasn't satisfied with certain rules and regulations within the WBA. WBO is based in Puerto Rico.

The WBO rankings contained in the 1990'ies primarily european fighters and to this day is not in the highest regard in the United States although it's rising.

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lol, its such a mess

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The superchampion nonsense is so ridiculous. Really out of all of this it gets under my skin the most.