View Full Version : Lionel Rose in L.A.

06-11-2009, 12:13 PM
I would like to know if anyone from the cbz can help me out with a querry I have concerning former world bantamweight champion Lionel Rose. I have recently started corresponding with an australian team who is currently making a documentary about Lionel, and they asked me to provide footage of his bouts versus Chucho Castillo and Ruben Olivares which I readily sent them.

They also wanted to know if Lionel`s bouts versus Jose Medel, Raul Cruz and Ernie Cruz were filmed, and if so whom to contact in the United States to get footage of those bouts. I told them that I have never seen or heard of any of those bouts being filmed, but that I would do my best to try and help them. Could anyone from the cbz provide any information about those bouts, wether they were filmed and if they were, whom to contact to possibly get a hold of those bouts?

Also, does anyone know were I can find some reports on the riot that took place after Lionel`s bout versus Chucho Castillo? From what they told me, Lionel spent a great deal of time in L.A., and he has fond memories of his time spent there. Any pictures or film of Lionel from his time in L.A. would be very helpful for their documentary, and if anyone is interested in lending a helping hand I would be more than happy to give the contact information of the director of the documentary so that they may correspond with him directly.