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05-23-2009, 02:11 AM
three categories -
refusal to train, meaning staying away from the gym. This can be because of laziness or distractions by women or drinking or whatever. Mickey Walker, Max Baer are in this category.

punchers. As far as being a puncher, fighter, boxer, or any combination thereof, pure punchers have got to be the laziest. I'd go so far as to put george foreman and joe louis in this category. I've seen both of them do things like run and jump rope, but I believe both had some laziness. Disagree if you will.

Harry Greb. It's unclear whether he faked it, or how often, but he claimed to not train, since he fought once a week anyway. He has his own category as the best fighter who worked the least.

05-23-2009, 12:51 PM
It is a myth Harry Greb didn't train at all. Greb did train aswell as fight on a regular basis. This myth that Greb never ever trained and just just loved womed and alcohol, has seemed to be exgaretted as years went by. There is no hiding the fact that Greb did like women after his late wife past away, and he did like a alcohol beverage, do it is belived he mostly loved ginger ale.

And legend has it that seeing him drunk in preperation and with lady friends for the Micky Walker fight, this was a trick done by Greb, as so the bookmakers would make Walker a heavy favourite, thus making Greb a underdog, Greb would then go and place a large amount sum on himself to win.

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Wilfred Beintez was a lacker in traning, hardly going into full camps for fights, and just traning a few weeks before. Benitez had all the talent in the world, but lacked dedication and discipline, which would eventually be his down fall.

Kid Chocolate was belived not to be fullt dedicated in traning.

Tony ''Two Ton'' Galento who is best known for dropping Joe Louis, hardly ever tranined, he would watch his sparring parthers do there roadwork, while he sat in the car smoking a cigar.

Carlos Monzon was belived to be out the night before the second Nino Benvanuti fight, but notihng is confirmed. But what is true do, during his roadwork Monzon would stop for cigarets breaks, and then resume his running. He would also carry on to smoke in his traning camp, but just cut down. But I've never heard of him lacking in traning, but only once for one of his early fights.

Ray Robinson hardly trained for the first Randy Turpin fight, as the night before he was playing card games until the early hours of the morining, and it is belived he wasn't traning for the fight with Lamotta, in which he would get defeated.

Joe Louis wasn't really being fully dedicated to his traning for the first Max Schmeling fight, as he was belived to be sneaking out in camp and playing lots of golf.

In some of his fights Jack Johnson was hitting the bottle pretty bad and lacking dedication and discipline, and is belived to of once had a hangover when fighting.

Another fighter who most of the time didnt take much interest in training was Lightweight Champion Lew Jenkins. So if a fighter could take him into the late rounds or better yet went to his body he would usually beat him.

Opponets of Rubén Olivares claim they use to be able to smell Alcohol on him when fighting him.

These are just some examples of were fighters have been lazy or lacked in traning. Lots more......Just a good few.

05-24-2009, 07:43 AM
Good list, I know of most of those. I'm not sure about Greb, though. I know he faked drunkenness and also faked not training, but I've read sources that said he did both - that is to say he faked both and also actually did both.

05-24-2009, 01:37 PM
Good list, I know of most of those. I'm not sure about Greb, though. I know he faked drunkenness and also faked not training, but I've read sources that said he did both - that is to say he faked both and also actually did both.

The myth of Greb never traning just grew over the years, and then the rumour carried on. But it is not true, Greb wasn't even a big drinker, as he always drank ginger bevarages.

Do there is no denining that Greb was a ladies man, do when he was married to his wife Mildred, he was always loyal, it was only when Mildred died, he started to play away, but he would eventually end up getting married again.

Toney Loc
05-25-2009, 02:38 AM
James Toney obviously

05-25-2009, 02:51 AM
James Toney obviously

Hi Jr. I don't doubt Toney trains hard, it's just that it goes for naught cuz he eats like a damn pig.

05-25-2009, 07:09 AM
I dunno about his training regime but Hector Comacho Jnr never looked like he wanted to be there.
That guy was just boring :thumbsdow

05-25-2009, 07:22 AM
Roach said all toney did to train for one fight was spar. As for greb, when he fought once a week he said he'd lose 15 pounds in 15 rounds. I can believe that he wouldn't train for that kind of fighting, fighting that often, though of course I don't know for certain.