View Full Version : Micro tyson

05-12-2009, 04:53 PM
iv just watched him beat up hill billy and also just watched him beat up andrew hartley

pimp just steams forward and throws his arms out like he's pissed and fighting fresh air ,the guy is laughably pathetic , worst **** iv ever seen ,the cunt is rotten ,he's a fool ,he is not a boxer ,i wonder why he pretends to be one .............probably just cant wait to get his $$$$ for getting layed flat out

floored and couldn't breathe , hilarious.

hartley at least tried and hit micro with a few decent shots in a video recently uploaded .

if Charlie doesn't flatten the gimp pimp with his first punch i demand that stacey fights the pimp the following fight no matter what the result....

05-13-2009, 04:44 AM
Paul was apparently seriously drunk on that sparring match and he was out jabbing Micro fatty until he decided to turn it into a wrestling match. Stacy and Paul confirmed Paul was drunk on that sparring match.

Sober Paul beats them up.:boxing: