View Full Version : Could julio cesar chavez jr be another marvis frazier in the makeing?

Joey Giardello
05-05-2009, 06:16 PM
There is alot of talk about setting up chavez jr vs pacman, chavez jr is a contender not a championship fighter, he would be in way over his head against pacman, it reminds me when they put marvis frazier in the ring with a prime larry holmes, he was there cos his 2nd name was frazier nothing more! this is the same case with chavez jr. Arum should be going after fights with john duddy, peter manfredo and other contender's that are chavez jr's level, not one of the best fighter's of the era who is on top form. Arum and chavez snr should go and watch frazier/holmes if they want proof of what can happen when a unproven fighter and contender at best fights the pound for pound number 1