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Kempo Chris
06-17-2004, 02:12 AM
Post good grappling excetrsizes in here.

Some stuff I do

Shrimping - A basic grappling move - You start on your back and bridge your back up then roll onto one of your shoulders then push your body out - your butt should come out almost directly behind you - your legs should be moving - You can do this across the mat where you workout or you can even do it on a floor at home if you have the room

Swimming - starting on the floor flat on your belly - you are going to bring your hands up in front of you and make a diamond with your hands - Now using your hands pull your body foward - make sure not to use your feet
* Ther is a modification to this drill - when you bring your hands in front you can rotate your forarms around and pull them back as you pull your body fowards

Another one - You start like your in a pushup position - Your going to keep this position and move you body clockwise or counterclockwise - keep switching - After you rotate around once you are going to roll to that side and then breakfall

Another thing that will help your technique and also kill your legs is simply doing the footwork of a double leg takedown and move across the room just doing that footwork

If I can think of more I will post

Post your own

06-17-2004, 05:09 PM
good techniques... we do a couple others as well that might be useful.

Wiggles: lay on your side, back facing the direction you are going, put your arms in front of you, elbow off the mat at all times, hands apart, kinda wiggle your way accross the mat, back first. we go down the mat like this on one side, then up it on the other side.

Shoulder escape: starting from your back, with legs down flat on the floor, arms over head, bring your right knee up so your foot is flat, rotate to your left and scoot your butt back and up as you push off with your right foot, while bringing your hands down to your stomach. alternate with your left foot, rotating right, etc. and you will scoot up the mat on your back, head first.

06-18-2004, 12:56 PM
I do cartwheels, forward rolls across the mat. Shrimping. Plus monkey walk

Where you put your one hand on the ground and swing your legs over. then switch to the other hand and swing you legs over to the side of your arm. You should look like a monkey walking across the room.

I also do spider crawl. I but my but against the wall. Then you use you legs to spin forward against the wall. Using your shoulder blade as pevoit point. Use your hands against the wall to keep balance and you should be able to go aginst the entire wall.It will look like you just did a roll alone the wall.