View Full Version : please help! Fres Oquendo - Duncan Dokiwari

04-28-2009, 04:06 PM
Trying to get a copy of this fight if anyone could give me some information as to how I could go about getting a copy. I heard stories that a copy was recorded by Dokiwari's manager at the time and they wouldn't give Fres a copy. Not sure if that is rumor or not. Dokiwari was down in the 5th and it was a back and forth war.

The match was won by Fres on January 16th, 1999 on the Tyson-Botha undercard at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada

referee: Kenny Bayless
judge: Glenn Towbridge 54-59
judge: Art Lurie 55-58
judge: Al Lefkowitz 55-58

Gregorio Vargas W Ben Tackie UD 12 12
Zab Judah W Wilfredo Negron KO 4 12
Roberto Garcia W John John Molina UD 12 12
Mike Tyson W Francois Botha KO 5 10
Alex Stewart L Lance Whitaker TKO 7 10
Fres Oquendo W Duncan Dokiwari UD 6 6
Fernando Zuniga W Jamal Harris UD 6 6
Corinne DeGroot W Heather Shoffner TKO 1 4 x 2