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Curly Howard
06-01-2004, 03:25 PM
From mmaweekly.com

While the UFC figures out what they want to do with their 155 division, look for more organizations like the MFC to step up and put together some top fight tournaments in the 155 weight class.

In October at the Trump Taj Majal Arena, there will be a 155 pound tournament; as well as, a heavyweight tournament that will take place over a few months. MMAWeekly has learned the names of those participating in the 155 division, and it's spectacular to say the least.

These fighters are confirmed for the tournament. Yves Edwards, Joaquin Hansen, Hermes Franca, Phil Johns, Rich Clementi, Sergei Golyaev , Naoyuki Kotani, Dave Gardner and Kurt Pellegrino.

Hermes Franca is recovering well from his nose surgery and is starting to become active in training. Hermes plans on being cleared to fight in the October Euphoria MFC 8 man lightweight tournament.

After a couple of frustrating close losses in the UFC, Franca sees the opportunity to further establish himself as one of the best in the world at 155. "Those losses in the UFC were so frustrating because they could have been two wins, not two losses", Franca told MMAWeekly. "But I will live with the decisions."

Franca is just one of many names scheduled to compete at the MFC card scheduled to be at the Trump Taj Mahal Arena in October. There are some other quality names on the card as well; such as,UFC Veterans Rich Clementi and Yves Edwards.

The first round for the 8 MAN LIGHTWEIGHT TOURNAMENT will be on October 16th. There will also be an 8 MAN HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT with the first round also starting on the same day. Franca's teammate, Jeff Monson is also planning on fighting in that show in the Heavyweight Tournament.

Monson recently fought his second boxing match and scored a KO for his first pro win. Jeff is now 1-0-1 as a pro boxer and plans on entering Euphoria MFC 8 man Heavyweight Tournament.

In other American Top Team news, Din Thomas also picked up his first professional boxing win recently by a unanimous decision and uped his record to 1-0-1.

Din will continue boxing professionaly but is looking to get another mma match under his belt this summer. Dustin "Clean" Dennes has been training hard for his long awaited and overdue Shooto light heavyweight title shot against Masinouri Suda, which will be held on July 9th in Hawaii.

Aaron Riley recently took a short vacation to visit his family back in Indiana and Kentucky and has just returned home to begin training for a fight in August which will most likey be down in Brazil for AFC Brazil. AFC will also have a show in Wisconson on Saturday June 12th. This card will feature Wilson Goveia; as well as, the pro mma debuts of Petrus "Buffalo" Walker and Thiago "Jambo." Marcus Aurelio was victorious once again in ZST, he defeated Naoyuki Kotani by TKO at 3:34, RD 2. Marcus is interested in fighting in the next PRIDE Bushido show.

Kempo Chris
06-01-2004, 03:40 PM
sounds great - I love the 155 lb. division

06-01-2004, 10:43 PM
Sweet, They got some good fighters listed.

06-01-2004, 11:10 PM
I am biased but i want to see Pellegrino whoop some ass.

06-02-2004, 02:10 PM
Man I got some info on this show.

If you think that 155 is going to rock wait for the heavy weights!!!!

Then wait for the finals and the USA vs. Europe show.

Curly Howard
06-12-2004, 12:46 AM
Any new info for this yet?