View Full Version : kostya tszyu or julio cesar chavez

04-24-2009, 09:43 AM
who do you credit as the better fighter at 140? tszyu beat chavez when he was out of his prime but do you think he could beat a prime chavez and who achieved more at 140?

04-24-2009, 12:00 PM
Rather interesting one here. Julio Cesar Chvez made 12 defences of his WBC Light Welterwight Title, He also captured the IBF Title and made 1 defence of that. He beat most of the best at 140 of his ERA including Roger Mayweather, Alberto de las Mercedes Cortes, Meldrick Taylor, Kyung-Duk Ahn, John Duplessis, Angel Hernandez, Hector Camacho, and Greg Haugen.

He also captured the WBC Light Welterweight Title again and made another 4 defences of it, before losing it to De La Hoya.

As for Tszyu's reign at Light Welterwight, he also had alot of sucsess at his only ever weight class. He won his first ever Title on his 14th fight defeating Jake Rodriguez. He made 5 defences of that Title before getting KO'D by Vince Phillips. But after a good couple off wins he captured the WBC Light Welterweight Title by defeating Miguel Angel Gonzalez, he made two defences of this Title before unifiing the Titles, when he defeated Sharmba Mitchell.

He would make 5 defences of his undisputed crown, and like Chavez beat the best of his era at Light Welterweight including Diosbelys Hurtado, Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Sharmba Mitchellx2, Oktay Urkal, Zab Judah, Ben Tackie, and Jesse James Leija. He also beat a washed up Chavez.

This is a extremely hard one to pick, as both were oustanding at the weight class, and both were very dominant. But I pick Julio Cesar Chavez as being the better fighter at the weight by a razor thin slight margin.

And you would have just as much as arugment as for Tsyzu being the better one at the weight class.

04-25-2009, 03:03 AM
Yeah, both great fighters. Funny, but the 140 division is really stacked in terms of great fighters and they are all very close to each other. There is not really one guy that you can say is the top guy and you could make arguments for quite a few fighters.


....the list goes on....

Anyway, I would say Chavez is slightly better as well, but I wouldn't argue much with anyone that thought the opposite.