View Full Version : Dick Tiger And His Battles With Don West.

04-19-2009, 12:50 PM
During the early 1950's, Dick Tiger was a young 23 year old fighter, trying to make a impact on the Prize Ring. Tiger seemed to have a decent start in little known places in his native Nigeria.

While fighting in Nigera, Tiger had a total of 17 fights, winning 14 of them. And there was only one fighter he could never defeat in Nigera a Southpaw by the name of Don West, who inflicted all 3 defeats on Tiger.

They first met in 1952, when Tiger went into the fight with a perfect 3-0 record and this was belived to be West's debut. Although BoxRec isn't always right and somefighters records can be sketchey.

Tiger was beaten on a 10 round decision. After this defeat Tiger would rack up 3 more wins and then him and West met again, this time for Nigerian Middleweight Title. Since his win over Tiger, West had been beaten but avenged it.

This time West would stop Tiger in 7 Rounds, Tiger was stopped only twice in his career by West and Bob Foster.

They would meet again in 1954. Nothing would change, West would come out the winner on 6 round points decision, but this bout is controverisal, as This bout was previously displayed as a 12 round win for Tiger. The date, result, and venue was changed based on the research of Adeyinka Makinde who wrote a bio on Tiger.

But West would still get the win. West died soon after their final match and Tiger, the peripatetic fighter who traversed Nigeria as part of a travelling boxing booth as well as a trader, was the main man again.

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