View Full Version : Why I think Silva will lose his next fight

05-11-2004, 07:37 PM
The fightsport curse

As we all know Silva was on the cover of the last issue of fightsport magazine. Well, look at al the people in that magazine that had articles written on them. Karo Parisyan.....lost to George St. Pierre and hasn't fought since. Rich Franklin, contract trouble with the UFC and went overseas to fight for Inoki. Promply got knocked out in a match with Ryoto Machida. Jeremy Horn, he is in Limbo somewhat. He keeps winning (although he has some close calls) but can't seem to get into ethier of the big 2. He could be a champion at 185 but can't find the fight to prove it.

Also, in past issues of fightsport being on the cover hasn't excatly brought great fourtune. Chuck Liddel was on the cover of fightsprot before he fought Randy Couture.

So, is there something to the theory that being on the cover of a magazine brings bad luck? (sports illistrated has several examples of it). It seems to be a curse.

05-11-2004, 07:38 PM
And for the record, this thread is to debate the effect of being on a magazine cover. I happen to think Silva will TKO Kondo early, and burtaly