View Full Version : What might have been

04-13-2009, 04:45 PM
Tony Ayala jr, Gerald Mccellan, Stanley Ketchel, Salvador Sanchez and Medrick taylor.
Some of the fighters careers above were cut short, some ruined in one night, others through death and jail.
For me if medick taylor had not been deined his win over chavez he would of been in the hall of fame by now and rememberd as a great. Also think gerald mccellan would of went on to have a super fight with jones, a fighter he had already beat in the amatures. Some say ketchel was finished others say he was just geting started we will never know. Ayala was geting ready to fight duran before he got jail, for me thats one of the best fights never to happen. The best til last the great Salvador Sanchez if not for his tragic death it could be sanchez who is rememberd as the best mexican fighter not chavez. We missed out on some great fights sanchez vs arguello, sanchez vs gomez II, Sanchez vs Nelson II, Sanchez vs Fenech