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Curly Howard
05-08-2004, 04:59 PM
From MMA Weekly.com

Rumble on the Rock 5 took place in Honolulu, Hawaii last night. It was an action-packed night of fights with three highly-anticipated match-ups and a solid undercard. ROTR keeps getting bigger and bigger with each show. Last night was no exception, they had four UFC veterans on the card.

Reporting live from Honolulu, Greg Honda had all the action last night on the SoundOff forum. Here's how he called it:

Roy Demotea vs. Vance Pu
In the first bout of the night, Roy Demotea claimed victory over Vance Pu by technical knockout at 3:26 of the first round. Pu's corner threw in the towel when he started taking too much punishment.

Harris Sarmiento vs. Justin Mercado
Harris Sarmiento takes the decision victory over Justin Mercado. Sarmiento pushed the action and won points with strong knees from the Thai clinch when standing and applied an effective guard on the ground.

Kaynan Kaku vs. Santino Defranco
In a slow affair, Kaynan Kaku scored with numerous take downs to win the decision against Santino Defranco. Kaku pushed the action while Defranco spent most of the fight working a butterfly guard and mounting little offense.

Jason Lambert vs. Mike Rogers
Jason Lambert wins by referee stoppage over Mike Rogers at 3:29 into the first round. Lambert got a strong takedown. Rogers gave up his back allowing Lambert to rain down punches, causing the referee to stop the fight.

Joe Riggs vs. Kendall Groves
Joe Riggs, WOW. Massive forearms from the mount put Kendall Groves out. Riggs overpowered Groves for an impressive victory at 3:09 into the first round.

Melvin Murray and Danny Steele
In a K-1 style exhibition, Melvin Murray and Danny Steele fight to a draw.
(Editor's note: this may have been an exhibition due to Steele coming in nearly 14 pounds overweight at the weigh-ins.)

Ron Jhun vs. Ryan Schultz
This was one of the more highly anticipated bouts of the night. Jhun is a very experienced, solid veteran and Schultz is a scrappy, exciting up and coming fighter from the Team Quest camp.

The first round saw heavy trading on the feet, with both fighters striking effectively. The second round saw Juhn on top of Schultz for the entire round, nearly knocking Schultz unconscious with shoulders to the head, unique but VERY effective strikes from the mount. Juhn set up the damage with repeated shots to the ribs of Schultz.

Jhun got the win when Schultz's corner threw in the towel at the end of the second round.

Matt Lindland vs. Tony Fryklund
Another highly anticipated bout with one of the top middleweight's in the world against a strong, well-rounded veteran. The first round started with Lindland using strikes to set-up a textbook double leg takedown. Lindland worked well from the half guard with heavy strikes. The action moved back to standing with flurries from each fighter. Lindland displayed his "dirty boxing" skills while Fryklund was the more conventional puncher. The round ended with a Fryklund takedown and Lindland bloodied.

Round two saw Lindland control Fryklund throughout the round and opened a cut over his right eye. Round three was more of the same with Lindland controlling the action and winning the decision.

John Marsh vs. Cabbage Correira
Marsh controlled the fight throughout with a quick and stiff left jab, setting up numerous body shots and a straight right hand. Marsh wins a unanimous decision over Cabbage Correira.

Curly Howard
05-08-2004, 05:00 PM
John Marsh Beat Cabbage IN HAWAII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-08-2004, 06:30 PM

05-09-2004, 03:21 AM
i figured marsh would win although i didn't want him to. i'm not a fan of cabbage i just don't want marsh to be fighting at all for throwing a ****ing water bottle.

i'm glad matt won