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04-30-2004, 02:47 PM

This is just a small exerpt from this short interview..

Mirko:I will never let that happen again. I highly paid for my overconfidence/arrogance And I deserve it. Maybe winning got in my routine, maybe I lost my motivation. I would never want the Saitama situation to happen again and maybe it was good I was knocked out. Now again I am highly motivated. Wednesday night I got back from Japan and right away Im going back to training. I came out stronger than ever.

Mirko on Randleman:
Mirko:I will repay him with full vengence and I bet everyone that Randleman has no chance next time we meet in the ring.

04-30-2004, 06:37 PM
Q: Is it hard to get back in front of the croatian public after such a defeat?
M: ill be honest, i was ashamed. I was afraid of the mocking ,although i knew that most ppl wouldn't greet me in such a way. Im too emotional a guy to say that it wouldn't affect me. Defeats in MMA are devastating. The physical contact of two men is very specific. I dont wanna bring down other sports, but when a tennis players loses, nobody considers it to be very tragic- like they do when u get knocked out.

Q: How did ur family take the defeat?

M: it was hard for them. It's difficult for anyone to watch ur husband or son take a beating. They cried. But fortunatley i managed to get over with it without any consequences to my health.

Q: did ur defeat in saitama had a large impact in japan?

M: when i was leaving the arena, i was grown men crying because of my defeat. Considering that alone, I feel that it is my duty to start winning again as soon as possible.

Q: did u learn something from this defeat?

M: ill never get so confident again(loosly transalted. Could also be relaxed). I paid for my arrogance- Serves me right. Maybe winning became routine for me- maybe i lost my motivation. I wouldnt want saitama to happen again, but maybe it was a good thing that i was knocked out. Now i am fully motivated again. Wednesday evening i came back to croatia and immediatley started training. Crocop will be stronger than ever. I think that is message enough for everyone

Q: can u describe that fatal pmoment in the fight(?

M: a man with 103 kg of muscle faked a shot attempt than hit me straight on the chin. And after that he threw himself on me. I tried to defend, but i was still shaken and it was a good thing that the judge stopped the fight. Big props to randleman. I congratulate him from the bottom of my heart. But in 3 months he has to fight me in a rematch. Ill make it up , and i promise that kevin wont have any chance against me.

Q: do you hate randleman?

M: why would i hate him? He had the balls to fight against me and to win.

The rest of the interview isnt interesting...its all already been psoted. Its mostly about why the fight hasnt been aired etc.

Just one more interesting question:

Q: did u neglect your training due to your duties in the parliment and with the movie?

M: there is no exuse for the defeat againt randleman. Parliment and the movie has nothing to do with the fact that i had my hands down at the moment they should have been up.

Mirko said that his scheduele from now on will be a fight almost each month He also said that october 30th he should giht minotauro, and december 31st fedor

05-01-2004, 08:57 AM
I like Cro Cop
I hate Randelman had to take it to him so bad

05-03-2004, 12:41 PM
Props to CroCop for not making excuses and ****. He took the pounding like a man.