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04-05-2009, 03:44 PM
Zelenoff turned professional in May 2008 at the Paris Middle School, Paris, Arkansas, United States. In his debut Zelenoff faced Arkansas based "tomato can" Andrew "Kid Thunder" Hartley who had a 1-13 record at the time.[2]

Zelenoff was defeated after being disqualified in the first round of the fight after repeatedly spitting his gum sheild out.[2]

After the fight the Arkansas State Athletic Commission suspended Zelenoff's licence for 45 days.[3]

Zelenoff is currently scheduled to make his return to the ring in June 2009 against Paul "Hillbilly Pimp" Gardner in Arkansas. He is the 10 - 1 outsider at the bookies as critics are yet to be convinced by his chin, heart and general ability.
More recently, Zelenoff made news by making claims that after his match with Paul Gardner he will be going for the vacant TPS MW title, and will unify the Lightweight, Welterweight and Middleweight titles.

Edward Hitler
04-05-2009, 03:51 PM
lol i new you would post that lol