View Full Version : viva la fritzelnoff and king09 book a rape date this weekend

Edward Hitler
04-02-2009, 01:16 PM
once again ive been speaking to some of fritzelnoffs boys and one of king09s boys and apparently king and son of the beast are going on a trip to find some young girls to chain up and abuse its more fritzelnoffs idea but since him and king often chain eachother up they figured why not bring in some new meat for the job as both have very sore arseholes from the dry bumming thats been going on well not big z cos kings only got a maggot **** so has to tickle z`s balls with his mums duster to finish him off then just to keep a smile on his face he necks a nice big load of chazzi juice down like a fat kid with chocolate cake jermaime even went as far to say some time when then they get so wasted and really get nasty they like to piss in eachothers mouths big J also said hes once seen king eat Z`s unwashed arsehole and said hes gonna upload the vid to www.watchking09lickzelenoffsdirtystarfish.org