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03-31-2009, 04:34 PM
Bloody Elbow (http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2009/3/31/816017/tell-espn-that-we-want-rep), the home of the Consensus Rankings is starting a write-in drive to ESPN to have Jurno and WAMMA historian Brent Brookhouse openly debate Pat Miletich, co-Veep of WAMMA about their rankings and the use of their rankings. For those who don't follow the controversy, ESPN earlier this month announced that they will use WAMMA Rankings as THE concise rankings.

Brett Brookhouse talks about WAMMA on WJFK (http://www.wjfk.com/episode_download.php?contentType=36&contentId=3572917)

Here are reasons why WAMMA should not be recognized...

1 - It's not impartial

While the people who do the rankings are impartial and do give good rankings, some of the people who do the rankings are questionable at best. The main offices are partial and use the rankings as an excuse to control what they can of the scene while trying (unsucessfully) to squeeze out ZUFFA and in a way, FEG while trying to profit from it.

2 - They do not recognize P4P champs

Using the excuse that Zuffa doesn't work with WAMMA and would never think of putting a WAMMA belt on a UFC fighter because it would put them in a questionable position and then squeeze them out of the rankings using the excuse that the fighters haven't fought any of their top ten fighters in their lists. Therefore making it easier and easier to control the fights.

3 - They're bullies

Bloodyelbow had highlighted a fanpost that had satirized the above two points out of the hilariousness of the situation. A couple days later, WAMMA official Mike Lynch threatened to sue them for libel due to basically the truth instead of laughing it off. Now I maybe new to the boxing game, but that's bull**** tactics right there. Even Dana White laughs with his detractors.

4 - They say their The Ring of MMA rankings

Now, if I can recall....The Ring doesn't give a **** about being a sactioning body. So if WAMMA is The Ring....why do they want to be the opposite?

Help The Consensus get recognized. The REAL "Ring" Rankings.

And to WAMMA

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03-31-2009, 05:34 PM
Listened to the podcast. Very good indeed. Shows WAMMA up for what it is. Good post.